The book is currently in the publishing phase, and is not yet available for sale.

  Title:   Tech Heroes That Will Change the World

CHARACTERISTICS OF THE FIRST EDITION: It is a hardback book, dimensions: 17.5 x 24.5 cm, in color and with a minimum of 100 pages. It is published in Spanish and in a bilingual version. After this first edition, we will make a second edition only in English that will have international distribution.

RECOMMENDED AGE FOR READING: Due to the characteristics of this book, the age range is very wide. The little ones will enjoy the illustrations as well as reading, alone or accompanied, the fascinating stories that the book includes; the older ones will be able to learn concepts about the most innovative technology in a most pleasant way.

CONTENT: Many of our protagonists, heroes and technological heroines, are actively participating in the elaboration of the content of this book with ideas, stories, images and illustrations from various parts of the world; these are places as varied as India, Turkey, Tanzania, Pakistan or the United States, among others, which greatly increases the value of this book.

Here you will meet incredible innovators who have managed to obtain energy from the movement of trees, convert breath into words, detect cancer with saliva tests, or develop ultra rapid tests for viral diseases, just to name a few examples.


This book tells the extraordinary stories of 30 people, mainly young people from all over the world, who are using technology to make the world a better place and help the environment. It is important to know these people, heroes and heroines, sometimes invisible, who, despite innumerable obstacles, have given and continue to give their best to find answers or remedies for injustices, difficulties and conflicts around the world. People who teach us that technology can do a lot for others and for our planet, and who will surely cause admiration and inspiration in our children to continue striving and someday become brilliant engineers, doctors, physicists,...or whatever they may dream of, and above all, becoming good people too. There are protagonists from all races, cultures and corners of the world, but with something in common, which is the strength with which they pursued their dreams. Leaders with revolutionary ideas in fields as diverse as education, health, scientific research, environment and safety.

This diversity allows each girl or boy to find a story that marks or inspires them. And in the final pages, a blank space will allow everyone to write or draw their own invention that they would like to develop someday to make a better world. 

The moment to change our model of heroism

If we ask people who their heroes are, most will tell us about famous athletes, singers, or television personalities, but very few will mention researchers, scientists, or inventors.

Society is moving towards a model of empty and artificial heroism, in which the number of followers on social networks is sometimes more important than ethical and moral values. I believe that we must reconsider our role models and "reprogram" future generations, establishing new criteria for choosing heroes.

But what should the criteria be for choosing our heroes?

Heroes are those tireless workers who know that success is achieved with effort. Heroes have the courage of their convictions, they are people who fight for their ideals. They are people who take responsibility for our health, our safety, the education of others. They use their art and knowledge to tell a story, to enlighten and encourage others. Heroes are people who protect our environment, and they accept neither corruption nor injustice. They are people who volunteer their time to help people with problems. Heroes, in a word, are researchers, scientists, inventors, doctors, teachers, judges, nurses, police officers, journalists, writers, artists, and all those who have great determination to make the world a better place.

The time has come to change our model of heroism. This means that being a hero is no longer a mythical classification reserved for superheroes in comics. Instead, being a hero becomes a way of life. I am convinced that you will also be a hero and that this book will help you become one.

A journey towards change: not for changing places but ideas

Reading this book, we are going to travel all over the continents, to meet our heroes, and to know many curious facts about those places where they live. Traveling is a way to get to know other cultures, thoughts and points of view about reality. There are many realities in the world; for this reason, it is important that we learn to open our eyes and become aware of the problems of the current world in a global way, not only to get to know them, but to know what their causes are, and their possible solutions; solutions that will be reached through an intelligent, global and accelerated use of technology and telecommunications. Traveling teaches us that there is no single way to do things in this world; it encourages an open mind.

On this trip around the world that we are going to make to meet the great heroes of technology, we are also going to discover inspiring stories that sometimes influenced them: traditional legends, fables or short stories that have been transmitted from generation to generation in very different geographical areas of the world.