The extraordinary stories of 30 young people from all over the world, who are using technology to make the world a better place and to face the great current threats to humanity.

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There are protagonists from all races, cultures and corners of the world, but with something in common, which is the strength with which they pursued their dreams. Leaders with revolutionary ideas in fields as diverse as education, health, scientific research, environment and safety.  Here you will meet incredible innovators who have managed to obtain energy from the movement of trees, convert breath into words, detect cancer with saliva tests, or develop ultra rapid tests for viral diseases, just to name a few examples. This diversity allows each girl or boy to find a story that marks or inspires them. 

It is important to know these people, heroes and heroines, sometimes invisible, who, despite innumerable obstacles, have given and continue to give their best to find answers or remedies for injustices, difficulties and conflicts around the world. People who teach us that technology can do a lot for others and for our planet, and who will surely cause admiration and inspiration in our children to continue striving and someday become brilliant engineers, doctors, physicists,...or whatever they may dream of, and above all, becoming good people too.

Society is moving towards a model of empty and artificial heroism, in which the number of followers on social networks is sometimes more important than ethical and moral values. I believe that we must reconsider our role models and "reprogram" future generations, establishing new criteria for choosing heroes. It is the moment to change our model of heroism.

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The Technology, and the Heroism of the people, will allow us to face the great current Threats to Humanity.
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